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I’M Margaret bercowitz, Journalist, EXPERT, & FOUNDER OF the woke & mail. I always knew i was destined to own and operate a successful newspaper Ever since I received this grant from the canadian federal government last week.

Canadians need to hear the stories that matter in their country and around the world.  That’s why we share the facts and focus on the research (that have been approved).

In the chaotic times we are living through the woke & mail shines through as an open and honest voice of reason*.
No bias here whatsoever. 

*We promise to fulfill our obligation to ensure our editorial voice and all of our content will be congruent with Liberal Party of Canada campaign policy and messaging in all of it's operations.

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Our mission is to help Canadians undertsand their world the way they should.

The Woke & Mail is a satirical art Project

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