Anti-Masker Jamil Jivani Refused to take Knee for BLM Live On The Radio

Anti-Masker Jamil Jivani Refuses to take Knee for BLM Live On The Radio
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The lack of virtue from Canadian Conservatives can be felt like an earthquake across the country. A study found that the lack of allyship from Canadian Conservatives is even noticed by the average house pet. The low vibration of a closeted racist (a conservative) plagues the inclusive post-national legacy of our country of Canada. As long as the oppressive thoughts and ideas of Conservatives are allowed to exist in our society, achieving our utopian dream will be impossible.

Thankfully, our very own Supreme Leader and Re-Education Specialist at The Woke & Mail, Terrin O’Reilly, is facing this challenge head on.


Last night, Terrin went into the fray with none other than Jamil Jivani on the Jamil Jivani show on AM 1010 broadcasting out of downtown Toronto.

Listen to the full re-education session (interview) here.


AM 1010 is undoubtedly a cis- and heteronormative radio property of Bell Media. Propagating colonialism, fascism, and Stephen Harper is the everyday for AM 1010. And the crass sensibilities of the conservative talk show host, Jamil Jivani, are no different.


In the first moments of the re-education session, or “interview”, as Jamil kept trying to call it, Terrin was horrified to discover that they had not yet done an indigenous land acknowledgement. Later in the conversation it was revealed that Jamil was not even wearing mask while speaking on air.

This was a startling discovery made by Terrin. Their health and safety had once again been put in danger by a reckless anti-masking conservative. Thankfully, Terrin quickly added a 5th mask on their face at their end of the phone call so as to not to take any chances with the highly contagious Delta variant spreading through the phone lines and airwaves.

Mr. Jivani appeared to have no remorse throughout the conversation.  The Conservative host, Jamil Jivani, is a white-passing Christian who claims to be a BIPOC. “I’m not white,” he proudly stated during the re-education session, with a thirst for patriarchal violence and oppression in his voice.

Jamil did the unspeakable near the end of their conversation when he refused to take a knee for Black Lives Matter, live on the air.  Terrin insisted that Jamil confess his privilege to his listeners in order to begin the healing and re-education process. Jamil refused and responded like a heartless cold robot.

Jamil implied that Black Lives Matter was not relevant to the upcoming Canadian Election. Nonsense. The views of this Conservative AM 1010 talk show host left Terrin O’Reilly speechless.   

Talking to someone who does not want to abolish the police entirely can be very scary.  The shame of being associated with these people has been very tough on our Supreme Leader, Terrin, who is still recovering in their fully equipped boudoir.

As we know, publicly associating with a conservative most often means career suicide for any real self-respecting journalist. Terrin will be busy doing their due diligence apologizing to all 327 affected communities over the next 5 weeks as a result of last night’s conversation. As for doing the right thing and confessing their wrong-doings, the rest of The Woke & Mail are very proud of them.

Re-educating Canadian Conservatives can feel like an insurmountable task at times. But someone has to do it and The Woke & Mail is ready for just that.

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2 thoughts on “Anti-Masker Jamil Jivani Refused to take Knee for BLM Live On The Radio”

  1. My heart goes out to you Terrin! I’m so sorry you had to experience this… I personally filed a complaint to the police regarding Jamal’s dangerous flouting of Covid restrictions, as well as a potential hate crime for refusing to take a knee for BLM or acknowledging the Anunnaki Land which we currently inhabit. Unfortunately, the police did not seem to take my concerns seriously… Another reason why they should be completely dismantled and replaced with LGBTQ+ social workers…

    Brave work, Terrin! Keep it up, comrade!

  2. John Perrone

    How do you talk to a Liberal? My fingers keep sliding on the keyboard, because of “gun oil” still on my hands, is difficult. I have to check my speling to assure that my reply to your article is articulate so as to not not insult your idea of a reply. Jamil is a Radio beacon of “the other side” and my go to guy ogf “modern liberal media!” Your interview, Terrin” was a sandbagging of an honest man. Remember the “KING’S” helf with building the wall to hold back flooding in Chaulk River a few years back? What a picture, amazing. Back to your interview, Terrin. You did not know your subject. NO RESEARCH. It was not journalism! Shame on you. Jamil was very patient and a hero for allowing your opinions to be aired on his show. Your response, as can be read in this scathing article, is hurtful. I will continue to listen to Jamil and his opinions on the state of affairs on his radio talk show. Shame Terrin, shame!

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