Dear Canadians BBQing on July 1st, Your Genocidal Hatred is Showing

Canadian Flag
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Oh are you celebrating Canada Day this year? How does it feel to be a Genocidal maniac ? You think Canada has a history worth celebrating?  How does it feel to be a card carrying KKK member ? The War of 1812 ? Racist. Avro Arrow ? Racist. Laura Secord, James Naismith, Wayne Gretzky and Terry Fox ? Racist Racist Racist.

As a government funded news outlet it’s important we emphasize this to keep our grant money and assure our readers that we stand with the Indigenous communities of Canada. They didn’t do nothing wrong.

Colonizing White Settlers plague this country with their skin tone and privilege. Suggesting there is anything worth while or ‘good’ about Canadian history is simply a white supremacist dog whistle. Genocide racism and bad white men : This is the only way to characterize our history. If you are a white colonizer reading this we have a simple easy suggestion to help you be part of the solution : just decolonize (kill) yourself. It’s the only right thing to do to make up for the sins of our past for which you are 200% solely responsible for.

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1 thought on “Dear Canadians BBQing on July 1st, Your Genocidal Hatred is Showing”

  1. Thank you for this important lesson. I am forth generation Kanadian, so seriously considering ways to end my white-as-Alberta-in-January privilege in whatever way possible.

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