Elections Canada orders massive shipment of Erasers ahead of Election Day

Elections Canada Orders Massive Shipment of Erasers Ahead of Election Day
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Canada’s 44th Federal Election is right around the corner and Elections Canada is in preparation mode. As election day looms, poll workers and scrutineers stand ready to correct conservatives accidental votes.

To ensure the integrity of the democratic process, Elections Canada has received a large shipment of erasers to each polling station across the country. This Elections Canada protocol has actually been in place since 2015 to safe guard our democracy. It’s also a necessary precaution for Health and Safety Regulations that every ballot marked by a conservative-looking person is reviewed by a poll worker with an eraser in hand.

These erasers will help prevent election fraud by ensuring only the ballots with correct votes are counted. We are being told by Elections Canada that mail-in ballots will take some days to be counted. This should give poll workers plenty of time to get through the pile of erasers as they rectify ballots that have been marked incorrectly.

We maintain the highest standards of integrity here at Elections Canada. That’s why we only get the best: impressionable NDP and Liberal scrutineers and Pink Pearl erasers.   – Election Canada Official

Pink Pearl Eraser
The most important tool to uphold democracy

When Justin Trudeau promised Electoral Reform in his 2015, this was the hands on practical approach, we presume, he had in mind.

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