John Tory unveils new sign in downtown Toronto, ends World War 3

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There are few straight cis-gendered white Men in Canada as tolerable and dignified as John Tory.  John showed us what it truly means to be a proud Canadian when he unveiled the breath-taking new “FREE UKRAINE” street sign outside the (dirty, evil) Russian Embassy in downtown Toronto yesterday.

“Now marks the end to World War 3.”

“Now marks the end to World War 3,” Tory proudly stated before revealing the stunning Blue and Yellow sign.  And he was right.  Within minutes of Tory revealing this sign to the world, we received reports almost immediately out of Ukraine that Putin’s forces were retreating.

This act of creativity, perseverance, and bravery from John Tory will be remembered for generations. 


The missile strikes, the ground troops, the strategic war games were all no match compared to this single heart warming action from one Toronto Mayor.

John Tory Unveils Free Ukraine Sign in Downtown Toronto, ending the War
John Tory Unveils “Free Ukraine” sign in Downtown Toronto, ending the War.

One Blue and Yellow sign in Downtown Toronto. A sign that melted the cold dead and evil heart of Vladimir Putin in a matter of moments over in Russia.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Professors explain that this simple sign is a new kind of compassion warfare that is taking hold across the globe. It will only become more popular.

The topless women protesting in front of the Eiffel Tower, the face masks stylized to the Ukranian flag adorned by Canadian politicians, these are the actions that truly make a difference during war times. And it shows.


As Canadians we can proudly tell the world that our own Toronto Mayor delivered the final blow to Putin’s corrupt tyrannical regime.  With one Blue and Yellow sign, the two simple words “Free Ukraine,” just like that in downtown Toronto Canada, the war was over.

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