Justin Trudeau Condemns God for Hate-Motivated Lightning Strike on George Floyd Mural

Justin Trudeau Condemns God for Hate-Motivated Lighting Strike on George Floyd Mural
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The George Floyd Memorial in Toledo, Ohio fell victim to a racist act of God yesterday. Reports confirm a hate-motivated lightning strike destroyed the mural dedicated to the BIPOC hero whose death sparked a worldwide movement for racial justice.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has bravely come forward to condemn God and this racially motivated attack. He took to twitter yesterday saying God has no place in our country or communities, and denounced the supreme being for his pre-meditated lightning strike.

Trudeau condemns god on Twitter

Despite reports confirming that it was in fact a targeted hate crime by God, many are still refusing to accept the evidence. Some took to social media to question the sainthood and purity of George Floyd, perpetuating the false claim that he died of a fentanyl overdose. This Far-Right conspiracy theory has been thoroughly debunked. George Floyd’s death was a result of premeditated murder by a white supremacist cop.

The revelation of God’s bigotry has been hard to accept for His devout followers. It will likely take time, healing, and more churches burning to the ground until Canadian and American societies can accept the uncomfortable truth that God is racist.

We at The Woke & Mail also have reason to believe God is a transphobe and possible Trump supporter. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on our investigation.


Avid critics of God are unsurprised by these hateful actions against the George Floyd mural. A proud atheist wearing a Rage Against the Machine T-Shirt proclaimed, “Just look at the track record of the Catholic Church, nothing good has ever come of it.” God has long been under fire for decisions he has made in the past from the creation of space and time, the Great Flood, to platypuses and 9/11. The most incriminatory argument, however, cited by atheists and satanists alike, is this: if God is so great, then why does He allow evil to exist?

Great question. We reached out to God for His stance on racism and defunding the police but he refused to comment.

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5 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Condemns God for Hate-Motivated Lightning Strike on George Floyd Mural”

  1. Zina Kalmus

    You are the stupidist dumb mother REDACTED. And burn in hell. Your God is a REDACTED criminal and that is ok. Dumb REDACTED REDACTED.

  2. Liberty Man

    Poor Mr. Trudeau must be exhausted. First from doing such a good job of cleaning up the mess created by old stock Kanadians, but now also having to take on the big guy. I think Marvel could do well to make a series on the real superhero, The Right and Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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