Liberal Party is So United That They All Go To The Bathroom At The Same Time

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Our party is just so connected and our views and values so well aligned that our bladders are now cycling together.

On March 21st 2019 the Liberal party almost lost a vote of confidence in the House of Common because many of them were all in the bathroom at the same time.  Opposition members were flabbergasted how they could all fit in the Parliamentary laboratories at once. To their credit Canadians have become accustomed to watching Liberals fit things into very tight spaces.


During their group pee break a vile conservative MP brought up this “technical” point of order about “vote of confidence” or something lame like that.  Thankfully the speaker of the house had experience in these pee breaks before as a formal Liberal, and assured the house that their collective urination and bowel movements are honouring Canadians. Especially brown middle-class Canadians and veterans.

Naturally many Liberals are disgusted that the opposition would question something as natural as the synchronized digestive system of their constituents and personally find their unhealthy obsession with things like “Rules of Order”, “Parliamentary proceedings”, and “Ensuring government is functioning to serve Canadians” to be very pathetic and desperate sentiments.

When the PM was questioned what he thinks about the seriousness of “Parliamentary Order and Serving Canada” he excused himself with dignity stating “I have to go number 2”.

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Finally some justice. Great piece from @TorontoStar🙏🏿🙏🏿

It's about time.