Pride Month HORROR: Child Refuses to Wear Dress at Gay Brunch

Boy Refuses to Wear Dress
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TORONTO, ON – Transgender parents, Racheil Noore and Michel Lafayette just wanted to live a normal family life.  Their story is inspiring. Raising their child, Cecil, as non-binary is the embodiment of true Canadian family values that we all strive for. Living in eco-friendly housing in the Kensington market area, a vibrant, diverse and inclusive community, the couple and their child used to be a perfect example of the Canadian dream.

In the final days of this year’s Pride Month Celebrations however, that dream for Racheil and Michel’s idyllic family life came crashing down.  Cecil (xe/xim), their non-binary child (aged 10) refused to put on a dress at a Gay brunch. 

The couple’s gay friends in attendance were mortified when Cecil then stated that xe had “had enough of this gay sh*t.”


“My first instinct was to ground xim,” recalls a distraught Michel describing the incident, “But I remembered the trans parenting courses we took at the 519 Community Centre which taught us that punishment and discipline never yields good results.”  Michel and Racheil tried using positive reinforcement with their they-spring by promising to buy Cecil a brand new Bad Dragon toy of xeir choice if Cecil agreed to wear the dress for the special occasion. 

Instead of doing the right thing and demonstrating allyship to xis parents and embracing Pride Month by entertaining the guests in an elegant black silk evening gown, Cecil screamed “I don’t want to be non-binary! My name is Nick!” and proceeded to flush xeir puberty blockers down the toilet in front of everyone. Both transgender parents were beyond horrifyied at the experience. One cannot imagine something more traumatic than witnessing their own 10 year old child dead naming themselves in front of their trendy gay friends.  Racheil and Michel are still recovering in Sunnybrook Hospital.

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