Progressive Lawyer Caryma Sa’d Comes Out As Holocaust Denier

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TORONTO, ON – She was once the BIPOC queen of our movement. Her throne was so high and mighty that even media moguls like Dean Blundell could only dream to lick the heels of her stilettos. Caryma Sa’d was the BIPOC, female, cartoonist, lawyer, hero of our time – with snazzy red lipstick to boot.

She tweeted all the right hashtags, she listened to all the right podcasts, she voted for all the right Far-Left politicians.  She wielded the moral righteousness of AOC, embodied the callous dismissiveness of Gerald Butts and projected the vapid conviction of Elizabeth May. And most importantly she always condemned and canceled everyone to the right of David Suzuki. She was a true progressive comrade.

But with one event poster, with one interview arrangement, with one decision. Her crown has fallen. Her halo rusted and crumbling. Her cancel culture sceptre shattered to pieces.

In light of Caryma Sa’d platforming Chris Sky we can now confirm that:

Caryma Sa’d is a racist, homophobic, transphobic, antisemite.


Chris Sky and Caryma Sa'd poster
The “interview” takes place today near Kensington Market. We know where she stands.

Looking at this poster stings the retinas. The piercing look of these smirking individuals who are most certainly filled with antisemitic hate. We know Chris Sky is a holocaust denier based on this Anti-Hate article written about him.  And because these “people” are now sharing the same platform, logic dictates that Caryma Sa’d also shares the exact same abhorrent views. Disagreeing with this reasoning only makes you sound racist.  Credible rumours suggest that notorious White Supremacist Paul Fromm was originally meant to attend the debate instead of Mr. Sky but Caryma has refused to comment.

Our staff at The Woke & Mail are devastated. Our owners are descendants of Holocaust victims. But there’s no time to fact-check or sift through the specifics of what Caryma’s ‘actual views are’. That’s not important or relevant to this conversation.

Just read this Anti-Hate article about Chris Sky and take our word for it when we tell you: Caryma Sa’d is just as bad – and probably way worse.


One of our reporters visited The Canadian Anti-Hate headquarters this Thursday July 8th and all nine employees agree that Caryma Sa’d is ‘officially cancelled’.  “Unfortunately the spirit of Ernst Zündel is alive and well in Canada and it lives on with Caryma Sa’d,” commented Evan Balgord the Executive Director and most handsome member of Anti-Hate Canada.

This past Friday, Anti-Hate employees and supporters were spotted picketing outside Caryma’s office in protest of her recent “coming out” as a holocaust denier. In response Caryma fled the critics surrounding her office, dawned a flippant attitude, and fabricated a ‘police visit’ story as seen in the video below posted Friday afternoon to twitter. Apparently she thinks the systemic genocide of Jews is just a big joke and nothing to worry about.

Dean Blundell retweeted this chiming in with “SA-VAGE”. Presumably to stand in solidarity with his antisemitic ally. We have much more on Dean’s problematic behaviour that will be it’s own article in the future.

Truly disgusting but not surprising

The cancelling of Caryma Sa’d is major. But we are not quite out of the woods yet. Not at all. The most frightening part of Caryma Sa’d showing us her true colours is the obvious realization: this is just the beginning of a tidal wave of antisemitism.

We’ve been looking into the associations Caryma Sa’d has had over the past few years – since she’s been alive – and it’s not pretty. We know that her associations into the Canadian Justice System and the Canadian News Media are of no importance. Generally any nodes that lead to political elites are disregarded. That goes without saying.  However Caryma’s 1,273 connections on LinkedIn have some explaining to do.

Based on our assessment of the LinkedIn network and Ms. Sa’d’s confirmed connection to known bigot Chris Sky, our cancelling forensic experts indicate that holocaust denial could be a fundamental belief of 87% of all professionals in the Greater Toronto Area.

Even with these modest estimates Caryma’s antisemitic influence spans nearly 24 different Fortune 500 companies and at least 31 different major industries across Canada.

That’s a lot of antisemites.

Are all of these quiet professionals just standing back and standing by?  Or are they actively involved in a hostile conspiracy? How could there be that many closeted conservatives in Canada?  Why has no one in Caryma’s LinkedIn network spoken out to condemn Chris Sky and antisemitism? Don’t they read Could Caryma be the ring leader of a demented cult of Jewish hatred? Why else would she platform an anti-mask climate-change and holocaust-denying Chris Sky?

Not to worry, The Woke & Mail is working on these answers. In fact – we’re still making them up. In the meantime, it’s best to read this spooky Antihate article about Chris Sky again and assume the absolute worst in everyone mentioned above – except Evan Balgord.

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2 thoughts on “Progressive Lawyer Caryma Sa’d Comes Out As Holocaust Denier”

  1. Bernies Mother

    You lost me at “Anti-Hate”! It’s all lies and slander from that snake of an organization! Bernies attack on anti vaxers shows their agenda. So no clue what else this article had to say cause I’m not reading anything from anyone who supports “anti hate”! Good luck trying to cancel ppl and using your whole platform to create division. Your all the same and it’s pathetic!

  2. Liberty Man

    Thank you for your courageous reporting. You must be so afraid to expose these monsters under all of the systemic oppression and hatred and generations past and present.

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