Racist White Supremacist “Singh Sisters” join the fascist People’s Party of Canada

Racist White Supremacist "Singh Sisters" join the fascist People’s Party of Canada
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Hordes of anti-vaxx protestors and KKK members are growing across Canada. Tragically the newest additions to jump into this basket of deplorables are two cis-gendered BIPOC women, Jennifer and Pamela Singh. These cis-ters have chosen to run for Maxime Bernier’s racist *Peoples Party of Canada. *A far right neo-nazi climate denying fascist party.

*according to the well informed daisy group insiders and every trusted journalist across the country the PPC is racist misogynistic, transphobic, misogynistic, islamophobic, and antisemitic. Did we mention misogynistic?


Clearly, the Singh sisters embody an internalized form of systemic racism. It is every white person’s duty to guide the oppressed minorities towards the light of progressive politics and anti-racism. Even if it means dismissing their capacity for self-determination and free thought. It’s the right thing to do. For everyone. And that’s what we at the Woke & Mail are here for.

Jennifer Singh - PPC Candidate
Jennifer Singh has worked on Mulit-Million Dollar environment-destroying mining projects. She clearly can’t think for herself.

In her career, Jennifer Singh has chosen to surround herself with old straight white cis-gendered men, embracing the very patriarchy that oppresses her and her BIPOC sister. As a Vice President for a mining company Jennifer has committed the ultimate sin in being a successful hardworking BIPOC womxn instead of choosing a career in activism fighting for the equality for trans women and girls.

For NDP leader Jagmeet Singh this has been the most damaging macro aggression nightmare.


We reached out to Jagmeet Singh for comment, but regrettably the news of the Singh Sisters betrayal has forced him to book additional therapy appointments this week. Jagmeet’s office provided a statement however: “Jagmeet Singh is not remotely related to the Singh sisters and as far as we are concerned we are sworn enemies. This is war.”

The only explanation is that the Singh Sisters have been radicalized by far-right misinformation outlets like Rebel News.

The Fascist People’s Party of Canada

Ever since 2018 the KKK has taken refuge under a new banner in Canada: the PPC. Maxime Bernier the founder of this objectively vile and racist party has been compared to Neo-Nazis and genocidal maniacs by the Toronto Star. The evidence is very clear. I mean just look at this photo:

Being white and wearing a biker outfit is a dead giveaway for white supremacists

We approached insiders at the Daisy Group a professional independent fact-based investigative journalism agency. The Daisy Group has the most reliable sources when it comes to knowing how racist and misogynistic someone is.

We spoke to the president of Daisy Group Consulting Warren Kinsella an expert on identifying racists in Canadian politics – for a fee of course.  Mr Kinsella explained,

“I can assure you that the Singh Sisters are racist white supremacists. Trust me bro.”

Aside from the gendered language, “bro” our Woke & Mail staff whole-heartedly agree with Mr. Kinsella’s sophisticated analysis.

Kinsella has made himself an expert on identifying racists in Canadian politics and alerting the media of their existence. Furthermore Mr. Kinsella alluded that his services are available to any other opposition party as long as the intention is to not smear the Liberals. The reasoning for this is a self-explanatory moral one. We’re in pandemic.  Thankfully experts like Warren Kinsella can spot racism anywhere. There is even reports That Warren Kinsella has identified racism in his Aunts Casserole.


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1 thought on “Racist White Supremacist “Singh Sisters” join the fascist People’s Party of Canada”

  1. stinchcombe cory

    Wtf is wrong with you? This is probably the worst written article I’ve ever read. White Supremacist? You’re clearly damaged in your head… I think it’s you. Thr writer of this article that seems to fuel the hate. I’m thinking you’re the far left racist who stomps her feet and calls everyone names cause she NEEDS to get her way.. you are a sad piece of work. With no integrity or imagination .PPC it a group of people that support unity and love… and because you’re so angry and pissed that we’re going to win this election you have to stomp your feet like a child lol. Grow up

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