Randy Hillier Shares Photo of white Grandkids, Confirms Himself as KKK Grand Wizard

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Perth, ON – Sometimes a photo of your grand kids is just a photo of your grand kids. Other times it’s a white supremacist dog whistle.  We have a nose for this type of stuff at The Woke & Mail and because Randy is white we have deduced that he is not simply sharing a family photo – he is paying homage to Hitler.

If you didn’t know – Randy Hillier is a provincial MPP in Ontario and suspected KKK Grand Wizard. We base this on our extensive research and the fact that Randy opposes Lockdowns in Ontario and is white.


On top of being a White Supremacist he is also a science-denying conspiracy theorist: a typical Canadian Conservative. But when he’s not filibustering about “freedom” or spouting other racist dogwhistles he’s busy on social media promoting his dream of a white ethno-state.

Randy promoted this message of white supremacy last Saturday when he had the audacity to post a photo of his 6 grand children to Instagram. Reports indicate this photo was taken at a Klan rally despite Hillier insisting it was during a “family gathering”. We had to blur out the photo as to not trigger our readership.

The Pale white skin of Colonizing Oppressors (censored for obvious reasons)

Does Randy Hillier even realize how triggering it is to look at these morbid pale faces? Let alone 6 faces of violent colonizing oppressors? The sadistic smile of a white 4 year old boy is enough to give any BIPOC community member an anxiety attack. My hands are literally shaking as I write this. The belligerence of posting this to Instagram just goes to show how bold Neo-Nazis have become in Canada. Posting pictures of their family out in the open.

Thankfully Critical Race Theory is being introduced to Canadian schools and educates children on this heinous negligence. Feeling anything but shame and guilt as a white person is truly reckless. But Hillier is a reckless person. Not only does he disregard the health and safety of everyone in Ontario (by not wearing a mask), but he also gets-off on forcing people to look at the cold dead eyes of his colonial tykes on social media.

There’s nothing cute or sentimental about celebrating your grandchildren and reminding everyone of the traumas of history . Being part of a white family that’s happy with having more white children is not a photogenic moment. It’s psychopathic. It’s incestuous. It’s racist.


Clearly Randy hasn’t been internalizing the countless advertisements and shows on Netflix that feature interracial couples. You hate to see it. We suspect the KKK programming and Jordan Peterson lectures has completely warped his mind.

By virtue of Randy being a white man who has never even taken a photo at a Gay Pride Festival, we know that there was nothing coincidental about Hillier’s true intentions with this post. The caption read:

“Why Freedom is important and worth defending. My Six grandchildren.”

He might as well just be burning a cross on his lawn.

With this caption Randy has managed to take the infamous 14 words and cut it down to only 10.

We get it Randy you have a master plan of making Canada a decrepit white ethno-state. Well guess what Cis it’s never going to happen as long as we’re around. There are multiple NGO’s, Big Tech companies, and subsidized journalists like us to stop you.

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1 thought on “Randy Hillier Shares Photo of white Grandkids, Confirms Himself as KKK Grand Wizard”

  1. I think your mental capacity is boarding on the side insanity.
    Wow , what do you think about Trudeau black face , his whole family dressing in garbs of another Country , attending gay pride parades and praying at a mosque ?
    Does that make him a racist in the closet gay Muslim?.

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