‘It’s Horrific’ Ryerson Prof Recounts Trauma Caused By Statue

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Being 1/128th Indigenous she reveals the neo-nazi history of statues and shares her oculus technique to "look away" from triggering monuments.

LISTEN TO PODCAST BELOW – Jessica Laurencian is a Professor of Indigenous Studies at Ryerson University.  Listen to her conversation with The Woke & Mail as we she explains to us just how destructive and violent statues really are.

Since discovering she is 1/128th Sewatokwa’tshera’t (8 months ago) she has bravely come forward as an Indigenous voice in Canada during a great time of need for Indigenous communities.  Upon this discovery she realized the intense trauma she would experience when seeing a Colonial Patriarchal statue that oppresses her very genetic make up.

“You can  feel the racism emanating from the statue when you walk past it”

“Statues are rooted in white supremacy” a poised soft spoken Jessica explains. Ms. Laurencian has dedicated her life to educating her students and the world at large about her struggles and trauma.  Jessica has teamed up with Elizabeth Warren to start a focus group to help others use the oculus device in their face to “look away” from triggering monuments.

Listen to the Full podcast here or at thewokeandmail.podbean.com

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