Spectator-less Tokyo Olympics underway “There’s usually spectators?” Asked Women’s basketball coach

Spectator-less Tokyo Olympics Underway “There’s usually spectators?” Asked Women’s basketball coach
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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is being held this year in 2021 and without spectators due to the worldwide pandemic COVID-19. Most athletes are used to performing in front of high energy roaring crowds. Athletes often thrive on the adoration of fans. The mxn’s basketball team has stated that the lack of fans in the seats might lead to a lower team morale and poorer performances.

3rd time Olympian Miranda Ayim however, who has appeared in 145 games at the National Level, was pleased to see that tRump’s worldwide pandemic at least hasn’t changed her experience of the Olympics. She attributes this to the strength and grit of Womxn’s basketball. She is proud to play on a diverse team comprised of mostly people of the same race who are not white.

We asked her coach Lisa Thomaidis if the spectator ban would hurt performance:

“There are usually spectators?” She inquired.

Spectatorless Tokyo Olympics Opened this Weekend. "There are usually spectators?" Asked Womxns basketball coach Lisa Thomaidis.
Coach Thomaidis (bottom Left), during typical Womxn’s Olympic Basketball Game

Clearly the team’s focus escapes the need to be adored by throngs of fans, or a small crowd, or anyone watching at all. Step aside mxn. This is peak human performance.

The Canadian Team, ranked 4th in the world, or “basically Gold” as we like to call it Canada. We at the Woke & Mail, are proud of these basketball (her)oes. Please comment below to tell us how they are doing. None of us watched their match or whatever it is called.

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