The Problematics of White-Hetero Billionaire Space Travel: They Return

Jeff Bezos
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As the second white-hetero CIS-gendered billionaire bought his way into orbit by exploiting the labour of his work-slaves, all of us at the Woke and Mail sighed a breath of relief (*1). The pestilence of capitalism had finally been excised from the skin of our Birthing Parent Earth for a brief and peaceful moment. To our great dismay, the white-hetero CIS-gendered billionaire has returned.

It is a great hardship to be a voluntary econo-slave working at an Amazon warehouse day-in and day-out being forced to take part in the (trigger warning) free-market economy.


It is an unparalleled tragedy to see your slave master return from space to further incentivize you financially to perform menial and easily replaceable labour for only a little more than twice the minimum required wage.

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon also “provides” healthcare for their eco-slaves which is a traumatic daily reminder that we live in a horrific capitalist society that does not yet have universal healthcare for all. Having medical, drug, optical, and dental coverage for all their employees no matter their tenure or position is a slap in the face to everyone who is not voluntarily enslaved by Amazon.

To further indoctrinate those poor peoplekind into the bourgeoise oppressive capitalist milieu, Amazon provides financial and estate planning as well as options to buy Amazon stock. It is hard to imagine a more harsh working environment.  Sweeping the floor in the coffee room knowing that you are as valuable to the company as the person designing the worldwide drone delivery network only to be asked to BUY ownership in the organization that you helped create when you started only a month ago!

Having a rape-culture inspired revenue model, the oppression of this corporate monstrosity knows no bounds.

The inequitable treatment doesn’t end there: If you have able bodied or able minded family members, Amazon offers discounts on daycare and elder care. However, if you have children with autism, ADHD, or developmental disabilities they provide free services. This othering of the non-able cannot and must not continue – It’s ableist. To summarize, Jeff, why don’t you launch yourself in to space and stay there? Your tens of thousands of econo-slaves would be better off without you.

(*1) The Woke and Mail would like to extend our deepest regrets to members of the asthmatic community. We spent many hours deliberating whether or not we should edit this article, or simply remove it. Ultimately we decided to wear our indiscretion ableism on our sleeves (*2) and show that we recognize the harm that we have caused.

(*2) Again, we apologize for our harmful language. We recognize that we have diverse readership, and among that diverse readership there are peoplekind who identify as having no arms to hold up their sleeves.

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