Trauma & Terrorism (John Tory Attacked) – 04

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Dr McCallisterJohn Tory fell victim to a Terrorist Attack last week. There are many who witnessed this traumatic event of our Mayor having his entree interrupted by right wing extremists. The trauma has left Canadians and Torontonians stunned and horrified.  Many are double booking their therapy appointments, our host included. Thankfully our guest Dr. McCallister guides us through effective recovery strategies.  We also hear from a Katrina who now suffers from shell shock after witnessing the attack.

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1 thought on “Trauma & Terrorism (John Tory Attacked) – 04”

  1. Such awesome mockery gives me hope ! “Occular occlusion” so golden, and then poor thing couldn’t taste her wine …. bahaha

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It's about time.

Great reporting. We were just about to write an article on this very concerning trend.