Trudeau is Right: Rebel News divided the country, tanked the economy, and caused the pandemic

Trudeau is Right, Rebel News Divided the country and caused the pandemic
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Ottawa ON – Yesterday night, after the french language debate, our country’s supreme leader Justin Trudeau was asked a question from a peddler of misinformation: a Rebel News employee. Thankfully, Trudeau put these disinformation agents from the Rebel back in their place. Justin righteously called out Rebel News for dividing the country, tanking the economy, and causing the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. Our handsome Prime Minister was simply stating facts (video below).

It must be emphasized that “” is not a real news organization and employees at Rebel News are not even real human beings. The mere existence of is an insult to real investigative journalists like the people at, Press Progress, and us at the Woke & Mail.


If you have ever delved into the darkest corners of the Canadian internet where conservative right wing trolls dwell online, then you may have heard of the racist, misogynistic, transphobic, misogynistic, fat-phobic, and anti-semitic platform We are sorry if you had come across it before and we can recommend private therapy sessions if you are still dealing with the trauma.

This poor excuse for a media organization spreads lies and routinely cooks up conspiracy theories for the far right in Canada.  The Rebel provides daily “news” feeds for white nationalists and Neo-Nazis in Canada. In other words, they appeal to the average Erin O’Toole Conservative party voter.


Being trusted, independent journalists and proud recipients of government subsidies ourselves, we at the Woke & Mail feel Trudeau’s statements are right on the money.

Yes. We are hardworking journalists. Yes. We do receive subsidies from the Trudeau government and yes, that’s exactly why we follow the science. The facts. The truth. That’s what he pays us for.

Normally, we would disavow a politician who criticizes any media organization that’s owned by a Jewish person by calling them anti-semitic. But this is different. Ezra Levant, the owner of, belligerently criticizes Justin Trudeau – a champion of progressive politics. Because of this, it’s actually the other way around.

The unfair attempts from Levant to hold Trudeau accountable actually makes Ezra the anti-semite in this equation. Trudeau has long been a champion of Israel and the Jewish people throughout his leadership of Canada’s current Liberal government.

Trudeau even apologized for the time Canada turned away a ship of Jews fleeing Nazis in 1939. Did Ezra Levant ever apologize on behalf of Canada for this? Seems suspicious.

It may have been an event that happened 32 years before Justin Trudeau was born but this is precisely what makes Justin’s profound capacity for compassion and empathy so inspiring to Canadians.

Nothing has brought together Jews and Muslims more than the invention of the coexist bumper sticker. We doubt Ezra has one.

Instead of recognizing Justin’s miraculous display of deep human emotion, Ezra would rather focus on Justin Trudeau embracing everything to do with Islam and paying a former Al-Qaeda soldier $10 million in taxpayer dollars. It’s called multiculturalism, Ezra, we suggest you get on board. It’s 2021.

Why do these faux journalists obsess over criticizing Trudeau so much? How can Ezra Levant, a Jew, manage to be so anti-semitic? Why did Rebel News decide to cause the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada and tank our economy?  We may never know the answers.  Hopefully someone will investigate.


Regardless, we can stand proudly behind Trudeau as he defends our work that he graciously pays us $600 million dollars for.

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