Trudeau to allow use of the N-word when referring to the unvaccinated

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OTTAWA ON – There’s a lot to unpack here. In a recent decision the Liberal Party of Canada has pushed the envelope on progressive policy yet again. Justin Trudeau, announced today that the use of the N-word will be allowed when referring to unvaccinated Canadians.

Liberal insiders say this last minute policy was added in an effort to end the pandemic as quickly as possible. For this reason, “a hard ‘r’ is preferred” one insider said.

It’s a word that makes us uncomfortable – just like the unvaccinated. We hope the shame and horror of the word will shock and terrify the unvaccinated into finally getting their shots. It is a last ditch effort by our thoughtful Liberal Government before Canadians are simply forced to take the vaccine outright. Being called the n-word, in this sense, is a gracious gesture from our Supreme Leader.

Healthy intelligent Canadians (like us) are ready to go back to normal. This decision could not have happened soon enough.


n-words in Montreal Quebec
A pack of n-words in Quebec

It has become obvious that the unvaccinated are plaguing our country and making it unsafe for everyone.  Until vaccine mandates are introduced these n-words will be walking around schools, malls, and restaurants thinking it’s appropriate for them to participate in everyday society. Can you imagine? Hordes of these unvaccinated ‘people’ follow Trudeau around protesting and even intimidate health care workers outside hospitals. These diseased n-words need to be put in their place.  Enough is enough.

Those questioning this policy decision are likely unaware of the importance of intention. For example they probably did not know Justin Trudeau’s intention when courageously wearing blackface was actually to educate the world on the dangers of racism and its history.  Similarly, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party are employing this word as a last resort to keep Canadians healthy and safe.

Trudeau wears blackface
Education & reconciliation was the true intention behind Trudeau wearing blackface

You cannot go wrong with policy writing when Health and Safety is the intention.

Because women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ communities are affected most by this pandemic, it will soon be considered racist, homophobic, and misogynistic to not to call unvaccinated Canadians the n-word.


“If you choose to be a viral N*****, there will be consequences.”

– Justin Trudeau September 14th 2021


All BIPOCs in the Liberal Cabinet unanimously agree on the decision. “It’s a word with a disgusting history. But it’s time to apply it to the right group this time,” said Bardish Chagger our Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Youth.


“Until these cases are under control, we cannot let these n*****s be running around without facing ridicule and condemnation. This is what the Liberal cabinet is committed to do.”


Health Canada endorses the progressive new Liberal policy as well. Public Health has been stigmatizing the unvaccinated over the past year as much as possible to save lives and keep case counts low. This policy will help Canada Public Health be able to change their official phrasing from “unvaccinated person” to “disease n*****” in all of their correspondence and messaging. A welcome change.

Part of the policy however will only allow Justin Trudeau to say the n-word publicly through mass media. Because he is the Supreme Leader of our diverse nation, he is entitled to that privilege. Everyone else in Canadian media or alternative media will need to resort to saying the n-word spoken with a soft ‘A’.  It can only be directed towards unvaccinated people and only be spoken by someone who actually cares about the lives of others (is fully vaccinated).


Viral n-words must be segregated from the rest of Canadian society for the greater good.  We cannot let history repeat itself. Despite its dark history, our team at the Woke & Mail feel it is an appropriate label for someone who doesn’t care about the welfare of others. So in the words of our Supreme Leader: Stop being a n*****. Get vaccinated!

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1 thought on “Trudeau to allow use of the N-word when referring to the unvaccinated”

  1. I am inspired to relearn this word and add it back to my vocabulary for use as a well-deserved slur against those selfish, barbaric unvaxxed. Thank you, Woke & Mail for being a courageous voice for our silent majority.

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